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Larry Williams

Legendary Trader

"I learned a long time ago if Courtney Smith writes it, I readit. Glad I did. I picked up three great insights in my first read-through."

Tom DeMark

Technical Guru

"Courtney Smith has hit it out of the park with this book. Not only does he provide great insight into both the inner workings of the marketplace and original trading methodologies, but he also devotes much discussion to the often overlooked, immensely important aspects of trading such as money management, discipline, and psychology. After all, as he aptly opines, these are demons traders must slay to be successful."

Who Is Courtney Smith?

Courtney Smith is a 45 year veteran professional trader. He is the only man in history to:

1. Manage a #1 mutual fund

2. Manage a #1 hedge fund

3. Write a #1 stock newsletter

4. Write a #1 futures newsletter

5. Voted #1 gold market timer

6. Voted #1 bond market timer

He is the world’s most sought after investment trainer and has trained over 10,000 students.

He is the author of 10 investment books. He produces a 5 star rated podcast.

He was the treasurer of a Swiss bank, head of global derivatives for a major French bank, and head of research for two American brokers. He has been the CEO of two brokerage houses.

He is currently the Chairman of and can be reached at  

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